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Email Password Recovery Wizard 1.1

You can use this program to recover Outlook express e-mail passwords
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You can use Email Password Recovery Wizard to recover e-mail passwords stored in your computer. If you have lost or forgotten any of your e-mail passwords, you could use this program to solve the problem and find out what the password was. Of course, this application will only work for e-mails that have been accessed from the computer the program is installed on.
As its title suggests, Email Password Recovery Wizard offers a wizard mode that guides you in a detailed way on how to recover your password. You will have to choose a search criteria and some options before the program starts the search. The program works for different e-mails. It supports Outlook express and other popular e-mail services. The recovered passwords can be saved in HTML files. The program can search for specified e-mails if you write which e-mail you want to find. It can also search for all the stored e-mails on your computer.
Email Password Recovery Wizard supports Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP. This is not a free program, but you can download a trial version to test the program.

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  • It helps you recover lost or forgotten e-mail passwords
  • It has got a helpful interface


  • It's not free
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